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Top Ten Favorite (Crime) TV Shows

I am sucker for crime fiction, in any form and that includes TV shows. I usually joke that I spend way too much watching TV, and not all of it is crime fiction, but I would say a great majority is. So, here you have my ten favourite crime TV shows. I decided to list those that have been broadcasted for a while, are easy to find and basically mean “comfort TV”.


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We’d love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

1. Castle.- A crime fiction writer follows a strong, opinionated and super cool NYPD Homicide female detective. Is there anything not to love about this?


2. Bones.- Love Temperance’s passion for her job. Also, I don’t think we were that familiar with forensic anthropology before we met her, were we?


 3. CSI: NY.- My favourite on the CSI series. This is the most comfortable you can get watching crime TV shows. But, nothing works like it to relax and unplug from daily life’s worries and struggles. I can’t believe it’s no longer in the air…


4. Rizzoli & Isles.- This may actually be my favourite on the list (or second, see number 6). A medical examiner and a Boston homicide detective work hand-in-hand to solve crimes. One is blonde, the other is brunette. One is super brainy, the other is super practical. I actually wrote my MA thesis on them.


5. Code 37.– I just recently discovered this Belgian TV show with one of the most complex, complete and kick-ass female detectives I have ever seen. Hannah Maes has taken female detectives to yet another level.


6. The Closer.– My another favourite show. Brenda Leigh Johnson is transferred from Atlanta, Georgia, to the Los Angeles Police Department where her Southern accent, charm and ways seem to crash with her new – all male – subordinates. But she is so good, she finds a way.


7. Criminal MInds.– I really like this show, but after a few episodes I feel uneasy. Some of the themes are too dark and twisted, but they cases are really good and interesting.


8. Law & Order: SVU.- The Special Victim Units centers on sexual assault and crimes. I know it sounds pretty dark, but they treat the victims with total respect and the show has helped inscribe sexual violence and the need to denounce it on TV. Good job!


9. Crossing Jordan.- I first saw this TV show when I was 16 and I thought I would totally rock at being a medical examiner (clue: not sure, probably not). Dr. Jordan Cavannaugh moves back to Boston where she gets involved with her victims’ police investigations.


10. Law & Order: UK.- If there was a way to make Law & Order even better, it was moving it to London. I was not familiar at all with British laws and procedures, so I was really happy to learn a bit while watching the breath-taking London landscapes.




  • Lianne @

    CSI: NY was my favourite of the CSI shows too! Great cast, interesting cases…agreed, it’s too bad that it was taken off air sooner than expected. Hee, and your list reminds me that I need to catch up on Castle; I stopped somewhere after s1, I think, and forgot to go back to it. Oops, lol.

    My TTT

  • Keri B.

    I have gone through some very serious Law and Order addictions in my life. One semester I dropped a class, in part because I was spending too much time watching Law and Order — although that was almost 10 years ago when Law and Order marathons were more prevalent. Great list. Here’s mine.

  • amanda

    Crime (or mystery) shows are probably my favorite TV shows too. I do love Castle! I have to confess, I’ve gotten a little bored with Bones, though. I may return to it someday. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the others on your list–I guess I mostly watch British mysteries (which now that I think of it, are mostly male detectives…hmm…), but there’s some I think I might like to try someday.

  • Keishon

    Haven’t watched any of these, Elena. I mean I love crime shows and have enjoyed series on cable networks like The Wire, True Detective, The Shield and Justified for starters. I’m not heavily into forensic type crime shows I guess (not to say that’s all you are watching). I enjoy historical pieces on PBS like Bletchley Park, too. I loved Forbrydelsen aka The Killing, the original Danish version. Thanks for sharing your list.

    • Elena

      I was recommended Bletchley as well. I watched The Killing first two seasons, still have to wath the third one. And my boyfriend ighoy recommended me Forbrydelsen and Bron.

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