21st Century,  Giveaways

Want to solve a crime?

I was approached yesterday by Hattie from ThinkJam to promote a new crime fiction novel called Cop Town by Karin Slaughter. I was immediately interested when I reached two words of the press release: Atlanta and 1970’s. So, I very gladly said I would love a review copy.

If you are interested in getting another copy or just feel like playing cop, DeadGood is running a competition from today to Friday where they will tweet a case and readers have to tell if it’s fact or fiction. There will be two sets of signed copies of Karin’s full backlist, as well as 30 signed proof copies of Cop Town to giveaway, but the real reason I’m writing this is that we can get to play cop for some days! They have already tweeted the first case:


Come one, crime fiction readers! Let’s prove we would be as great detectives as we think while reading.




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