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It’s gonna be a long, hot summer

I thought the best way to write a post about the summer was with a country song in mind. The title from this post is taken by the optimistic and sunny  – can a song be sunny? – Long Hot Summer by Keith Urban and it never fails to remember me how awesome summers can be.

Things have been a little bit quiet over here because I allowed myself the luxury of spending the last 15 days of June doing whatever it felt right at the time. I am already done with my M.A and all the paperwork for my PhD until August so, basically these are the things that are making this one of the best summers in a while. I guess it has to do with a healthy combination of balancing things to do and knowing that you have a fair amount of free time and the possibility to enjoy yourself. So, there are the things that have happened, have planned to happen or just look like great ideas:

  • There are the books that I would love to read this summer although I realize that it is a pretty ambitious list.
  • I have started to do some research on crime fiction for my PhD.
  • I have taken up running and it feels amazing. The running shoes my parents bought me for my grades do help, though.
  • The puppy is teaching me go and fetch instead of the other way round. But don’t we enjoy running in the sun together!!
  • I discovered rice and soy ice-cream at a local store and I’m in awe. They taste the same diary ice cream does, but they don’t make me sick.
  • I would love to do some creative writing this summer. Let’s see how it goes.
  • There are a lot of crime TV shows that I should watch and that I’m slowly getting and watching. Right now I am living in Gant with Detective Hannah Maes and I love her (Code 37). If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I need to watch an immense amount of TV a day to remain sane.
  • I discovered this collection of free articles by Routledge via Sarah Ward and I can’t wait to read them all. Be sure to check them before December 2014.

What have you planned for this summer? 🙂





      • Sloppy Etymology

        Currently doing a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on World Bank’s 2014 Development Report on Risk Management. I’m doing this on a website called Coursera that provides courses from top universities for free.

        P.S. I like your blog very much. Good luck with your PhD.

        • Elena

          Oh wow, it sounds complex yet very entertaining. I know Coursera, but I have never taken a course there before. And thanks for the love, it means a lot that you take the time to both read and comment. Best of luck with the course and if you feel like it, share your thoughts with us x

        • Sloppy Etymology

          It’s actually not very complex. It’s my first one on Coursera, and thanks a lot. I should be done in four weeks. Have a wonderful summer and keep writing.x

  • amanda

    Ah, for long, open days of summer! Alas, I don’t have nearly as many as I used to (but I do have two days off work this week 🙂 ), but in what time there is, to just relax with a good book on the back porch is always lovely.

    How wonderful that you get to research crime fiction for your PhD! I just heard an interview the other day with crime writer Julia Keller (HERE), and at the end of it she rejected the idea that crime fiction is “lesser” because she sees it in all sorts of literature. (If you’re interested, the link at the bottom of the pages leads to a lot more interviews.) So now I’m beginning to find myself craving some mystery reads–but I thnk I’ll try to hold out until the fall, which always seems a deliciously perfect time for mysteries.

    Have you tried/seen The Bletchly Circle? If not, it’s a British mystery series which is unique in that the crimes are solved by a group of women in post-WWII Britian, who had been code-breakers during the war but whose talents were largely overlooked by postwar society. It’s one of my favorite series from recent years. (But alas, only two short seasons.)

    Hope you continue to have a fun summer!

    • Elena

      I’m so glad you finally have some time off. Your porch is well-known among your readers and I’m sure most of us would love to sit there and a have tea/coffee with you. Maybe some day? 😉

      I haven’t tried The Bletchly Circle but it sounds great. I have to admit I am currently watching Psych’s 7th season and catching up with Grey’s Anatomy’s 10th. I know they’re not great shows, but Psych is very entertaining and Grey’s is, well… let’s say sometimes I wish I was a doctor on 24-hour long shifts 🙂

      Have fun this summer, Amanda and enjoy that work of yours. I know you love it 🙂

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