Thank You Note

My beloved and admired grandpa passed peacefully away on the early hours of Wednesday, 23rd April at the age of 86 surrounded by his beloved ones. I am deeply grateful for the outpour of love and condolences from all of you via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. You made it possible to be with me in such sad times and I do really appreciate it. Now, as we adjust to life without him baby-step by baby-step, it is important to remember his love for life and to honor his legacy. He went through some very hard times and he managed to make it through because his motto was: “Everything will be fine.” And thanks to him, I know it will. Rest in peace, Grandpa, you earned every little piece of it.


12 thoughts on “Thank You Note

  1. Elena, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. Your thoughtful words about him say much about who he was and the kind of life he lived. He lives on in your memories .

    Take care of yourself. Grieving is exhausting and mysterious. There are no easy answers or tricks other than to go easy on yourself and try not to judge your feelings. When you feel sad, be sad. When you’re happy, be happy.

    1. Thanks, Ann xxx

      I totally agree with you. I think giving yourself room and time to grieve is the only healthy way to go through it. Lucky me, Mr. B&R is an amazing psychologist, so I can ask any questions and I know they’ll be answered.

  2. I’ve been so behind in online stuff that I just now so this. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you have many happy memories to take comfort in. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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