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Welcome, March!

I haven’t had many personal updates on the blog of lately and I miss them. I also have some surprises and great news to share this week with you all, so stay tuned!


2014 started a bit chaotic since I had to hand in 5 papers for my M.A. I managed to work my schedule out and by the 10th of January they were all handed in,  so I allowed myself a week of total rest. I had spent all Christmas working, so once I was free all I could do was watch TV. I chose one of my all-time favourite TV shows, The Closer and I spent a whole week’s evenings enjoying it.

I also turned 25 in January (thanks to all for celebrating with me!) and got the most amazing presents from my family. But most importantly, I got to celebrate with everyone I love which meant the world to me. Obviously Mr.B&R got me lots of books and movies and I have to admit I haven’t read any of those yet! I did watch some of the movies, so that’s a start.

February meant going back to my M.A lessons and starting my M.A thesis. I took some very interesting lessons on cinematography and gender, and loved seeing my friends again. We all get along so well, we are usually going out for lunch together or just having fun. They’re the best part of this M.A and we do as much as we do so much to keep each other sane!

I read Gender Trouble by Judith Butler for my M.A thesis and I loved it. I already knew about Butler’s brilliant theory, but sitting down to read it was just amazing. It is one of those books that change your life and the way you see other people. I will reviewing it soon, so keep an eye on the blog.

On a more informal basis: I got bangs and glasses and I’m super happy about both. I had long wanted to wear glasses  and if you are like the people surrounding me,  you’ll ask why and all I can say is “I don’t know, I just wanted to!”. Things with the puppy are going great and he’s a ray of sunshine! He brings us all so much joy and happiness I can’t imagine how we managed before he came to our lives.

So, how are you doing? Are you excited for Spring and the new releases? Any one I should read?



  • amanda

    I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t kept caught up, so I’m glad to hear things are going so well for you. I’m very excited for spring–although in my case it’s for the weather–we’ve had a terribly cold winter this year. I hope your MA continues to go well!

    • Elena

      Thanks, Amanda. We’ve noticed your absence 🙁 We had quite a cold winter here too, but no snow and temperatures are now nearing the 70F, so it’s wonderful!

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