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I turned 25

… and the world didn’t end! Just joking. I was actually pretty excited for my 25th birthday (in comparison with most of my previous birthdays!) I got to celebrate it with my whole family who I adore and who have always supported and loved me. I’m a lucky girl 🙂 I also got some real good presents from all of them and of course all the books Mr.B&R bought me!


  • East of Eden by John Steinbeck
  • Cause of Death (Scarpetta #7) by Patricia Cornwell
  • Las Marismas by Arnaldur Indridason

I also came back to college for a meeting with my lovely professor who let me a copy of an anthology called “Phobias” and which apparently includes some very interesting articles about crime fiction. I also paid a visit to the library intending to borrow two books. One of them, I could easily find, but imagine my surprise when I asked for another and the lady behind the counter said “we no longer have that book” and looked away. I hope, I really, really do, that they did not throw it away. It was a Pan Macmillan 1980’s book on form and ideology in crime fiction. And believe me, for my college library, a 1980’s edition is almost brand-new. So, this is my little library haul:


  • The Pursuit of Crime by Dennis Porter
  • Phobias, edited by Cristina Andrey and Pere Gallardo

I am currently reading The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell, because I am always afraid of running out of Scarpetta novels on my TBR pile, but the boyfriend knowing this, bought me one for Christmas and another one for my birthday, which makes 3 unread Scarpetta novels. And I can’t let that happen!

I will also, and finally, be back to school tomorrow. I have been at home writing essays, for this year I did not have any exams, and just trying to enjoy myself. But I love college and uni life too much, so I’m happy and excited to be back. I also happen to be more active and full of energy when I keep myself busy, but not busy-crazy like I used to. Can’t wait to share my readings with you all!

Finally, I need to share this website with you. Or maybe you already know it and I’m late to the party. Anyway, it is called “The Literary Ladies Guide to the Writing Life” and it is full of everything about inspiring women writers. You can visit it here.


I found this quote by Virginia Woolf that made me feel I could do everything and go through everything, so I thought of sharing it on a Monday so that it gives us strength for the week to me:


How are you all doing? Happy reading!



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