Book Debut

A quick update to let you all now that Books and Reviews is featured…. in a book nonetheless!

Lucy from Tolstoy Therapy finally released her book Tolstoy Therapy: A Fiction Prescription after years writing on her blog – check it here – and dealing with anxiety and psychological problems to which fiction proved to be the best cure. Some weeks ago she contacted me to ask for permission to use my name and mention my blog in relation to a E.M Forster quote from Howards End that helped me a lot. Of course, I gave her my total support although somehow I did not know it was to appear on a book! The surprise came yesterday when she emailed me and I was incredibly happy for her and super excited for participating on such a good idea. After all, a good book does wonders, right?

The book is available for Kindle and you can get it here. Best of luck, Lucy!


5 thoughts on “Book Debut

  1. Thanks so much Elena, you’re one of my favourite readers! It was so enjoyable to work alongside readers and include their stories in my little project. It’s given me so many ideas of things I’d like to start working on in future too. You’ll have to let me know if you start any writing projects yourself – I’d definitely be willing to help you out! Best wishes & happy reading, Lucy.

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