A Little Update

Hi, everyone!

Things have been pretty quiet on the blogging front of lately and, as you can imagine, because I’ve read your posts and you are going through the same – either as teachers or as students –  it’s because school is keeping me super busy. Evening lessons are hard to combine with reading and leisure. But, hard as it is, I’m managing some academic reading that I wanted to share with you.


  • Atwood’s is my pleasure reading. The Robber Bride had been on my shelf since November 2011 and I thought it was time to read it.
  • Las Filósofas (“The female philosophers”) is course book that recreates history taking into account female thinking minds. It is surprising how many women have influenced history and how little we know about them.
  • The Essential Feminist Reader I bought as a complement to the courses on feminist history. It contains texts from the most relevant women in history dealing with female independence, education and feminism.
  • Gerda Lerner’s The Creation of Patriarchy is another course book. Lerner has come out as a fascinating revolutionary in women’s history and since I had never heard of her, I thought it’d be a great an idea to work on her works and on her life.

So, this is what I’ve been doing of lately, add a pile of articles to read and that’s where I’ve been: buried into texts which is not so bad an option, is it? Meanwhile, my mind is already set on Christmas! 🙂

How are you all?



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