Bye bye, Summer!

Finally! The summer has officially come to an end with the last days of September although not the weather it appears. It is still hot, humid and sunny, but luckily everyone is back to the their thing and mine is school. Last week back to university was amazing. I had forgotten how much I love lessons and everything that comes with them: paper, pens, taking notes, discovering new authors and ideas. Oh, and the schedule! I love to know I have things to and plan the rest of the day accordingly. But back to bookish things, this was my September:

  • I finished Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives which was an amazing read. I only knew two of the authors published and I am now a fan of domestic suspense.
  • I read The Pledge. A landmark in hard-boiled detective, European detective fiction.
  • I read Summer in February. A big, epic love story that I hope to revisit soon, probably next Spring.
  • I read (and still have to review) Love Story, With Murders the second in the Fiona Griffith’s series. The crime was better than the one in the first installment, but I have so many things to say about the main character!
  • I started Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and I am loving it. It reminded me of how much I love Icelandic settings and the story is totally up my alley: a woman convicted of a crime and sentenced to dead in the 19th century. Does it ring a bell? 😉

My plan for October are not very ambitious. I hope to do lots of homework related to my Master’s Degree and I’ll try to fit as much non-academic reading as possible in between. I usually travel by train, so I can read and it worked pretty well last week. Of course, I got home wanting to read more and more comfortably, but for now I’m just trying to work things out.

How is everything going for you?



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