Back to School!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

It has been a long since I wrote a more personal post although we all keep each other updated via Twitter of our daily events. Anyway, today is a very special day: last Sunday before lessons start! Last July I applied for the Master’s Degree on Gender and Diversity and, lucky me, I was admitted. Lessons start tomorrow and I’m eager to go back to school. This year the summer holidays seemed too long – not that they were in comparison to other year’s – and the heatwaves made it difficult to enjoy my free time. So now that a new year starts – as teachers/students a new academic year is far more relevant than a natural year, right? – I hope to keep myself as busy as I did during my graduate years and enjoy the cold weather.

And now some bookish news.

  • I started reading again after a little reading slump, a crime novel of course, what else? It is called Love Story, With Murders by Harry Bingham and although I’m not far into it, I am enjoying it much more than the first Fiona Griffith’s Talking to the Dead.
  • I am slowly discovering Angela Carter. I chose her short stories collection Burning Your Boats so that I can read one or two every day and get used to her magical realism. Everyone I trust as a reader or admire like Carter’s stories, so I am doing a little exploration.
  • I will probably be reading Scarpetta #5 soon. It surely helps to read about a hard-working doctor skipping meals and being sleep-deprived when you go through that yourself.
  • I will be commuting every day so I will try to use that time to read. I usually carry the novel I am reading with me, but since I love short stories so much, I will probably borrow some collections from the library. That or I will plug myself to my iPod and try to relax.
  • My TBR pile has increased thanks to Anna and Naomi with the following titles: The Cuckoo’s Calling, Burial Rites, The Luminaries and The Engagements, which I hope to get as soon as possible. Also, I bought a crime novel in Spanish – originally published in French – for the first time in a long time.

I know the academic year started long ago in the UK/USA and so did work schedules. How are you doing? Did the change from holidays to work/school affect your reading?



  • Sam @ Tiny Library

    Your Masters subject sounds fascinating, I’m sure you’re going to love it. I’m a bit jealous…..I miss being at university sometimes and in the position of student rather than teacher!
    I need to get into Angela Carter. I bought The Bloody Chamber recently, I should pick it up and try it soon.

    • Elena

      Great! Let me know what you think of her, she’s definitely a unique writer.

      I missed attending lessons last year because I was working on my dissertation so I set my own schedule. But yes, it feels great to go back to school as a student. On the other hand, being a teacher you need to keep yourself updated, so you’ll always study 😉

  • amanda

    Good luck with your studies! It sounds like a subject you’ll really enjoy. I envy your ability to read while you commute. No public transport available for me… 🙁

    Happy reading and have fun with school!

    • Elena

      Thanks, Amanda, I’ll keep you posted.

      Regarding the reading, I can only read on the train. If I’m on a bus, just browsing the artists’ list on my iPod can make me nauseous for the whole day. And yes, although I’m lucky to have public transportation, I still have to walk 4 miles to get to college… Not funny when it’s pouring down!

  • Lucy (@tolstoytherapy)

    I hope it’s going well, Elena. I saw on Twitter that you found the concepts discussed today a little basic, although lets hope this changes on subsequent days!

    If you read The Cuckoo’s Calling I’d love to know what you think. Personally, I really enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it to you. And I’m very keen to hear what bloggers are thinking of Luminaries! I’m yet to read it but I’m determined to schedule it for the next month or so.

    Hope you’re well, happy and dealing with school ok!

    • Elena

      Hi, Lucy!

      Today was no different, but I hope things improve soon.

      I think The Cuckoo’s Calling will be my next read and to tell you the truth, I’m a little scare by The Luminaries. It is a huge book (almost 900 pages), hard-back edition with a lovely coat. I saw lots of tweets about it and thought it would make a great reading.

      Hope BCN is treating you well 🙂

  • Leah

    I hope you had a great first day back at school today! Short stories sound perfect for commuting. You could also try listening to audiobooks or podcasts; that way you can relax while listening to books/stories! I can’t wait for you to read Burial Rites; I think you’ll really like it 🙂

    • Elena

      I tried audiobooks but somehow I can’t focus on the story the same way as if I’m reading it. Having said that, I loved Bossypants by Tina Fey because her voice sounds familiar after so many years following her career.

  • Amie Lout

    My kids are back to school so I am in this quiet house and I love it! I can get my work done and take care of things without them asking me for every little thing! I do miss them though, but I can tear through my TBR list, I have recently busted out a few books for the upcoming Fall and Winter season. I LOVE The Reindeer Keeper by Barbara Ward, She aslo has The Snowman Maker so I have my seasonal reads all lined up!

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