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Summer is almost over, but there are still a few weeks left and I desperately need something to keep myself busy or else I will be catatoniac when the new academic year starts! After five years busy as a bee, skipping lunch more than a few times a week and being completely happy if I could get six hours of sleep a day, I have found myself with more free time than apparently I can manage. So, I have decided to keep myself busy by setting some deadlines:

  • When Sam from Tiny Library posted about the Redathon many of you are also into, I saw she was about to read A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick saying:

I’ve had this book for a loooong time.  It’s a gothic story about a mail order bride and I know I will love it, I just need to actually read it.

Same happens to me! The book has been sitting on my shelf for a year now and I know I have to read it because the gothic and wintery setting will be perfect for these last summer days. So, the lovely Sam and I are doing a read-along and will post our reviews next week.

  • The other projet came to my mind last night. I received a review copy of Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives edited by Sarah Weinman. It is a compilation of crime and psychological short stories by women that were forgotten but who laid the foundations for nowadays’ crime fiction. The book has 14 short stories, so I will read one every night, also inspired by all of you who have a special book assigned for your bedtime.

Happy reading!




  • Alice

    I have books like that sitting on my shelf; I bought them thinking I would absolutely love them, but other books managed to take president. Enjoy your readathon, hopefully this will keep you occupied until you find yourself back at school.

    • Elena

      Thanks, Alice! This year I made the decision of looking at my TBR pile and remember at least one reason why I spent money on that book. With this I pretend to read books I was once passionate about 🙂 I hope it works for you too.

  • Helen

    I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of summer! I’ll be interested to read your reviews of A Reliable Wife – I’ve read Robert Goolrick’s other book, Heading Out to Wonderful, but haven’t read that one yet.

    • Elena

      Thanks, Helen. Enjoy yours too! I hope you come back when I write the review, because I’m on page 150 and have some strong opinions already!

  • Sam @ Tiny Library

    I love reading books together, but next time we should pick a better one! 😛
    I’m taking a course on canvas network about fairy tales, it’s keeping my brain occupied in the run up to going back to work, and is very interesting too.

    • Elena

      How cool! I should definitely sign up for something until lessons start in September, but for now our reading is keeping me quite happy (so thank you!) And yes, let’s pick up a better one next time! Maybe some Gaskell? 🙂

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