How Books Can Open Your Mind

The geek in me was browsing Youtube this lazy and warm Sunday morning when I came across the TEDTALKS channel and its latest uploads. I decided to open the directory and watch all the videos I thought interesting and that’s when I found this jewel about books. You can tell you miss lessons and college when you end up – almost unconsciously – looking for them on a summer Sunday morning, can’t you?

So, back to the main theme here. I have long believed I’ll be happy as long as I have books which is quite a challenge if you think about all the things that can deeply change your life, both good and bad. But, I’ve always found a place among a book’s pages, no matter the genre or the story. Even in terrible times when you know  there is only one way out – through it –  I found my way thank to books or rather, I just figured things out while I read. I have also restored to books when I was angry, disappointed or scared, but also when I’ve been at my happiest, full of joy because everything was what I hoped for and I could not image a better life. So, you see, books are always there and will always be there for me.

Now, my story is pretty average, common and boring compared to the one in the video. I cannot imagine how it must feel to lack your parents’ support or to feel your dreams will never come true, but it happens, it is commoner than we think and I’ve got the feeling it tends to be more central to women’s lives. Listen to the moving and inspiring story of Lisa Bu and how books transformed her, how she broke away with the obedient role everyone wanted her play. Can you guess which 19th century English novel with a strong, female character helped her? 🙂


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