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Since I started following some of your blogs I came across some very interesting titles. So, thank you! I think my reading has improved quite a lot since I started blogging, and so has done my TBR pile! So, this is one of those discoveries I made checking your blogs. These books were not only mentioned by a single blogger, they appear everywhere I look of lately and you all have posted positive reviews. Actually, they’ve been on my radar for quite a while now although somehow I have never bought any of them. And I should:

I love crime fiction. I’ve loved it since I discovered The Hound of the Baskervilles when I was 12 and have never looked back. Have never regret the discovery either despite the bad reputation the genre has acquired with super commercial titles around. I also Ireland and the city of Dublin. I’ve missed living in Dublin my whole life even though I never get to visit it until I was 20. I grew up listening to Irish music, admiring Irish people and asking my parents for Gaelic lessons at the tender age of ten which by the way, they considered a joke. When I finally got to visit Dublin with Mr. B&R in 2009, I fell in love with the city, its people, the restaurants, the shops, everything was even more perfect than I had imagined! I still dream of moving to Dublin one day.

So, considering those two passions how can it be that I’ve never read any of Tana French’s novels in the Dublin Murder Squad series? I have no idea!

You can find all the information about them here. I’ve decided to read nothing more about them. I think it is very special to read a book you know barely anything about. I am predisposed to like French’s books, I just know it. There are books you have to read – for college, for their cultural influence etc – there are also books you want to give a try, and then there are books you know you’ll love. These belong to the last category. Now that I’m done with the Jackson Brodie series, I know I’ll have to find another one apart from Scarpetta’s to read and get lost in the upcoming summer evenings. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Have you read anything by Tana French? Did you like her novels? I want to know what you think!



  • Alex

    I love Tana French’s work. Each book has bettered the last and I would advise you to read them in order, starting with ‘In The Woods’. If you find you enjoy these then you might want to try Sophie Hannah’s series which begins with ‘Little Face’.

    • Elena

      Thanks for the recommendation, Alex! I had never heard of Sophie Hannah, but I’ll check her books. Thank you very much! Now I have two more detective series to read, yay!

  • Sadie

    Tana French is one of my favorite Authors. I have loved all her books. You will not be disappointed! I’m so excited for you to read these.

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