Still Reading Anna Karenina

Hello, dear readers!

Richard Emil Miller (1875–1943), American Impressionist painter
Richard Emil Miller (1875–1943), American Impressionist painter

Spring is finally here! It’s warm and sunny and showers show up every once in a while. And I go from loving it to hating it as easy as it gets! These past weeks I’ve been quite quiet. Everything’s fine, I’ve been studying, reading, writing, doing research and enjoying the first spring sunny afternoons with my friends. I’ve been also reading Anna Karenina and I’ve been doing so for some months now. The prose is excellent and I move from hate to admiration depending on who is the character focused in. I love Anna, I think she’s an incredibly complex character and once I’m done and know her fate, will do as much research as I can. But it’s not an easy reading. It is not the kind fo story one needs after spending 6 hours writing. So, after some Twitter talk last night, I decided to read All That Remains, Kay Scarpetta #3, before I continue reading Anna Karenina. Or, maybe to read both books at the same, as I’ve been doing of lately.

I’ve been also watching lots of movies, one of them Thelma and Louise which inspired me to read more feminist non-fiction. I’m doing as much research as I can and taking advantage of my college library. I read The Bell Jar barely a month ago and I’m already craving feminist works. I just cannot understand how there are women out there who do not read works with strong, empowering female characters. It’s so easy to identify with them and to relate to their problems and joys at a deeper level!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful spring! Has the sunny, warm weather affected your reading? 🙂



  • Elephant in the room

    I am planning to read Anna Karenina this week. It sure will take some time, won’t it? I’m also stuck with a huge book and really want to finish it, not because it’s somniferously lengthy but because it’s so intense I’m compelled to give my self a few breathers.

  • Sam (Tiny Library)

    I love love love Anna Karenina, it’s one of my favourites. I’m glad to see that you appreciate how complex Anna is as a character too, I’ve read some reviews where she gets a lot of hate.

    Happy reading 🙂

    • Elena

      I think she’s a terrific female character, a product of Tolstoy’s time though. I can see all the hate comes from, just place her actions in nowadays society and she’ll get the same hate. Sad, but true.

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