March Update

March has been – as I expect from the spring season – a challenging month. I have no idea why, but spring always brings along a lot of surprises, some good some others not so good.

This March was no exception. I am a wintery person. I love snow, cold weather and Christmas, above all, I adore Christmas. I was born in winter and I find new beginnings in winters. But, this year I’ve found myself happy as I saw days getting longer, the sun slowly going down a little bit later every day until night no longer fell before 7 pm. I’ve also found myself longing for sunny days which is not a good thing since I suffer from sun allergy if overexposed. But I enjoyed every single sunny day this month and they made me happy. On the other hand, I got fired for something as simple as asking for a contract so that I could enjoy social security in a country where social security is a right – or at least it’s been until now. Shame on me for expecting people to care for their employees and their well-being instead of the money they’re making. But I’m happy I’ve learned how the private sector works and I’m working even harder to become a professor at my alma mater. Every cloud has a silver lining and I didn’t need to look a lot to find this one’s.

So, what does this all have to do with reading? Well, I haven’t read a lot actually. I did my first – and crazy – spring cleaning. I went shopping, a lot, and I’ve been doing some creative writing. But reading? Not so much! I re-read Kate Atkinson’s One Good Turn – for the third time I think – and it took time away from reading Anna Karenina which I’m enjoying more than I could imagine. I’ve always been curious about 19th century Russian aristocracy and this book, with a troubled, flawed and for the times, fallen woman at its center is proving the best first contact with Russian literature I’ve had.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. My edition has this beautiful cover. Isn't it lovely?
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. My edition has this beautiful cover. Isn’t it lovely?

Regarding review copies, I was sent The Personal History of Rachel Dupree by Ann Weissgarber and a new thriller I can’t wait to read Just What Kind of Mother Are You by Paula Day. My wonderful dad also bought me Gone Girl– finally! Everyone who likes crime fiction and thrillers say this is one of those books that I’ll adore so, as a consequence my expectations are sky-high. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me!

And now, I’m off to read. I should disconnect more – computer, TV, BB – and find moments of silence and solitude to sit in my bed and read all afternoon. Happy reading!



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