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Two Books? Reading Habits and Change

Just lately I’ve been “back” to reading after some weeks studying for my last final and then nervously waiting for my mark. For those weeks, I spent all my concentration studying every single trace of Middle and Renaissance English and by the end of the day al my mind could afford was a few The Simpsons episodes and lying in bed staring at the ceiling seriously. But now that things are going back to normal, I’ve found my reading habits a little different from I remembered them.


Some nights ago, as I closed Body of Evidence i realised I was craving more reading, but was somehow done with Kay Scarpetta, I wanted something different. I navigated through my TBR pile in search for the perfect read, something that would make a huge contrast with a medical examiner researching a writer’s death. And it hit me someone from Penguin had recently sent me a review copy of a collection of love stories by a Russian lady. I searched for the book only to find it too handy and opened it. Next time I came back to this world, I had been reading for half an hour and was already 50 pages into the 195-long book. And it was time to go to bed, I felt done.

Now, those who have been following the blog, may have noticed I’m very much a one-book-at-the-time book. I love immersing myself into a setting and story and considering the characters as my only focus. I think they deserve all my attention. So, could I be reading not only two, but three books at the same time (one of which I gave up)? Not only that, but how could it be that it was what I felt I needed?

Time hasn’t changed this. I’m still reading two books at the same time and when reading time comes, I make sure to make time for both of them. I love going from one long story with which I’m 100% committed to short stories with different settings and characters. Above all, I love that I’m easing to eagerly back into a reading routine.

So, this may be a different routine, but I love it. I’m enjoying every single turn of page and I’ve realised I feel more productive approaching more than one book at the same time. I’m also very happy to welcome change. Change, as most things in life – is neither good or  bad – it’s very much what you want to make of it. Me? I’m welcoming this change as a new chapter in my life, a new chapter that may or may not last long, but that will be a little part of me and my life, that is, my reading.

I’m currently reading:

  •  There Once Lived a Girl who Seduced her Sister’s Husband, and he Hanged Himself (short stories by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya) .- A collection of short stories exploring all kinds of love.


  • Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.- Atkinson’s first novel not starring Jackson Brodie in 10 years.




  • Leah

    I just read a review of There Once Lived a Girl…, and it sounds so good! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it. And you know I’m dying to read Life After Life. Sounds like you’ve got some great reading going on! I’m glad you’re settling into the new routine 🙂

    How interesting that you’ve found your reading habits changing. I’m also breaking with habit and reading multiple books (Les Miserables, for which I set a reading schedule of about 15 pages per day, a review copy of a book of essays, and a fun Bill Bryson travel memoir). It’s nice to be able to pick which book I’m in the mood for, but as always, I have trouble keeping a balance.

    • Elena

      I love balance, I just struggle with it with food, reading, going out… I’m quite moody so, for example, if I feel like eating toasts, I’ll eat two a day during five or six days and then you won’t see me eat another one in months. Same happens with books!

      I wish I could send you Life After Life BUT, come back soon, I have a treat for you all 😛

  • April (@shelfconfession)

    I’m usually a one book at a time girl as well but lately I’ve been reading two. As long as they’re not similar in genres I am enjoying it and being able to manage quite well. I’m not sure what spurred that change in me either. I find it interesting to analyze though! 😀

    I’ve seen the first book around a little bit. I love the titles for all of her books, it looks hilarious! I can’t wait to read Life After Life of course – I’ll oome back and read your review once I’m finished reading it for myself ! 😀 SO glad you loved it!

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