New Time

As many of you know, I’ve recently started a job as an English teacher and I’ve been slowly easing into the new routine. This, in combination with my last final – which I’ve passed, thank you everyone for your support has affected my reading time although I must admit less than I expected.

I teach in the evenings, so that means my usually tranquil and let’s admit it, sometimes lazy, evenings have been re-scheduled. And now that I come to think about it, for the best. I’m used to working hard from 9 to 5 in school, arrive home and study for the next day’s classes, but this year since I was only one subject away from graduating, that changed. I can sleep the morning if I want or need to, I have whole days for myself, to read, write, clean, watch TV, films or simply think about the great weekend that lays ahead of me. And for some time, it was wonderful. But, that doesn’t make a hard-working overachiever happy for too long. So, I accepted a job as a teacher at a brand-new academy near my house: I walk there every day, enjoy the cold winter days and it helps a lot to reset oneself, especially since I have a tendency towards indoors. However, the most rewarding thing has been the experience with the students. Let’s face it, not everyone likes their teachers and if you do, you’re the teacher’s pet. But somehow, I just happened to get along really well with all my students – in very unexpected ways. My pupils see me as someone willing to help them which is what teachers should be there for, but most importantly, they are happy and comfortable in my lessons. They trust me and know that I’m not there to see if they fail or check what they don’t know –  a fault way too common in too many school teachers – but to help them improve, learn and face school life in a different way. And although I love words, they cannot describe how rewarding it is to see their faces when they realise what I’m doing.

Joys of teaching apart, I feel like a need a new reading routine. My evenings are broken into two by the lessons and before I leave the house I try not to be stressed or overworked so I can devote to my students most of my attention. When I arrive home, I just want to tidy my bedroom and put my PJs on.

In conclusion: my reading schedule has been a mess for almost a month now. But I’m happily easing back into a reading routine, trying to fit a book wherever and whenever I feel like reading. And it’s been wonderful!



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