2012: A Retrospective

2012 is already coming to an end. How did that happen? I certainly have no idea. I started this year unsure of what the future would hold for me regarding my studies: on previous years I knew I would start another academic year in September, but my English degree was almost done in June. However, as it usually happens, things went smoothly and eventually everything was fine: I am now writing my dissertation, got my first job and I find solace and inspiration here.

So, here is a bookish retrospective. This was 2012:

I read:

  • 22 novels (1 re-read)
  • 2 plays
  • 3 non-fiction
  • 2 essays
  • 1 short-story
  • More than 15 academic articles

I clearly tend to read long prose, although I really enjoyed reading the two plays. The non-fiction works were related to my dissertation and they are related to philosophy.

Regarding the blog:

My reading:

  • Was clearly affected by school, reading the most during the summer and Easter break and neglecting it during finals.
  • I rediscovered Jane Austen thanks to Mansfield Park, although she is far from being my favourite author.
  • Started to focus pretty much on crime novels, even more than in previous years.
  • Google Reader became another important part of my reading for which I started to save time on a daily basis. There are such great blogs out there!

As a consequence, the blog improved:

  • New followers
  • New and assiduous commenters: special thanks to Rikki, Amanda, Risa, Lianne and Leah.
  • Visits per month doubled those in January 2012 and previous months.

This was a reflection on my reading and blogging habits in 2012. I think it’s time to sit, reflect and make plans for 2013. yesterday, as I was revisiting FRIENDS I couldn’t believe how quickly these last 12 years have gone by: I started and finished high school, realised my passion for reading and writing was more than a hobby and dedicated 5 wonderful years to studying English and American literature. And I would do it all again, for although it was hard work, I learned more than I ever imagined. If there is something I’ll be forever thankful, is my education: I grew as a reader, writer and above all, as a person. In the meantime, I came to terms with many parts of my being and improved in many others. I feel more settled and calmed, although the overachiever in me is still there for better and for worse. But, one thing that never failed me in these past 12 years was books: it was thanks to the stories I’ve read during the last years that I grew up, but they also offered me solace in hard times and pleasure in even happier times. I have explored many genres, stories and characters some of which I loved, some of which I hated, but I am sure I learned something from every one of them.

Next: Dear 2013. Expectations for the new year.



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