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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Blogs!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We’d love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!


December 25: Top Ten Tuesday Freebie — Favorite Book Blogs

I had no idea which TTT to choose and then I remembered these are times to give, spread the love and tell our beloved ones that we love them. I don’t know any of my favourite bloggers personally, but I don’t feel like I need to. We have a great relationship talking about books, and some of them more personal and I save time every day to see what’s going on in their blogs or talk over Twitter. These are my favourite Book Bloggers.

1) Rikki from Rikki Donovan.

Rikki and I met this year and have established a quite strange relationship if we take into account that she does not like crime novels at all and I adore them. We have found common ground in many classics, cozy mysteries and her Week on the Web Specials. Last topic we loved? Shampoo.

2) Li from Rule the Waves.

I owe Li lots those books on my TBR list, especially Russian and E.M Forster. Our love for coffee and the long hours in front of the computer, either focused on academic or creative writing have brought us together too.

3) Amanda from Simpler Pastimes.

I don’t remember how we met, for me Amanda has always been around. We discuss classic books, but what surprised me the most is her constant hunger for Spanish literature, for which I always volunteer (although not always succeed).

4) Leah from Books Speak Volumes.

We met last summer and out of the blue we started reading Cloud Atlas together, writing emails weekly and being assiduous readers and commenters on each other’s blogs. She loves modern literature even more than I do and I’m constantly adding titles to my TBR list thanks to her blog.

5) Geeky Book Snob.

I discovered her just a few months ago and loved her description: “If I don’t read, I get cranky.” Don’t we all fit into that description?

6) Risa from BreadCrumbReads.

Risa and I have been exchanging views for a long time now. She manages to fit high-quality, English readings in her crazy schedule as a mother of two.

7) Claire from Kiss a Cloud.

I reached her blog via Rikki’s and loved it. She recently reviewed Alias Grace, one of my favourite novels ever, and I found myself completely identified with her. I’m in.

8) Beth from Bookworm meets Bookworm.

We mainly talk over Twitter. It was her post about her late Nana what brought me to her blog, and brought tears to my eyes too. I feel exactly the same regarding my late grandmother and, somehow, seeing that other person across the Atlantic feels the same way, helps to carry on. We’re not alone after all!

9) Ashley from Trees and Inks.

Ashley is also a philosophy fan and we both miss our college lessons. She usually posts inspiring quotes.

10) Melody from Fingers and Prose.

What caught my eye was Melody’s interest in Willa Cather who is usually forgotten among the most voracious readers. Thank to her reviews, I’ve downloaded many Cather works for my Sony e-reader and plan on alternating them with the most modern works.

I highly recommend visiting all of them and spending some time trying to meet these wonderful women through the books they review. I have found peace in their words, understanding in hard times and another woman to talk to when the bookworm in me needed a chat about a given work.

Thank you girls, you’re all amazing!



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