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Gift Ideas 2012: Classics

Last year I did some posts on gift ideas and they received quite a lot of visits, so I hope they helped anyone who is lost regarding bookish presents for their beloved ones. This year, I will do the series again although I will try to offer readers a wider range of recommendations. The series will run from today up until Christmas day (although in Spain we celebrate the Three Wise Men day which means we exchange presents on the morning of 6th January).

GIFT IDEAS 2012 – Classic Books

As I said in my previous post Books for Christmas? classic books can make either a really good present or a bad one: on the one hand, people may have already read them (or watched the film) but, on the other hand, they may be really interested in reading it. It very much depends on the person, so it’s up to you. Here are some of my favourite classics:

Jane Eyre by Charlotte BrontëJane Eyre

This is such a classic, it is really rare someone who likes books hasn’t read it, but it could happen! It is a cozy, romantic story and truly a literary landmark.

For whom: die-hard romantics, people who enjoy cozy stories.

Review here.

Wuthering HeightsWüthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Another classic not as beloved as Jane Eyre but probably as important and relevant. It is a torrid, dark love history set in the cold moors in England, isolated from society.

For whom: anyone who loved Romeo and Juliet (and likes to think and question what “love” means)

Review here.

Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskellcranford1

The underrated story of a village in rural England mainly populated and ruled by women. It makes an easy and cozy reading exploring love, death and above all, friendship.

For whom: cozy readers, BBC fans, lazy readers (it is a very short book)

Review here. End by E.M Forster

I read this book a month ago and loved it. Forster deals with love, social class, politeness and ethics all surrounded by beautiful descriptions and sentences that could very well become your mottos.

For whom: modern literature fans/ James Ivory fans

Review here.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgeraldgreatgatsby

A personal favourite, a story that never gets old, a critique of capitalism and the 1920’s United States. It will be turning into a movie by emblematic director Baz Luhrmann, maybe your beloved ones would like to read the novel before watching the movie next summer.

For whom: American literature fans.

Review here.


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