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Books and Reviews has finally joined Facebook!

These last days you can see I’ve been posting quiet often. It was one of those weeks when I needed to write and share a lot with you, but at the end of the day, I kept wanting to share more and more (other bloggers’ reviews, new books I’m excited about etc) so I decided to create a Facebook page for the blog.

Please bear with me while I get used to Facebook Pages and while I select what to share with you: everything will be book-related and I’d love to share other people’s reviews as well. If I find a giveaway or a contest online, I’ll share it also, so keep an eye on the page.

Also, if your blog has a Facebook Page and I haven’t liked it yet, please leave the address below 🙂

You only have to enter the page and click the LIKE button.

Books and Reviews Facebook Page



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