September Wrap-Up

I can’t believe today is September’s last day. The month just flew by! I am happy it’s been so: our perception of time changes very much depending on how we feel and that is why time flies by when we are happy and a minute can be endless when we are sad.

Basically, September meant easing back to a routine. I stopped reading during the second half of August, aware that the new academic year was about to start and summer was still summer without fully being it, I just managed to cope (and ask for some review copies because, let’s face it, I knew I would be back to reading as soon as possible). So, slowly, as September came and the weather cooled, I started to be more productive: fall cleaning, reading, writing, being back to school and having a reason to wake up early every morning.

Blog-related, I found the perfect book to go back to reading: The Promise by Ann Weisgarber. I was sent a review copy by Mantle Books (it will not be published until March 2013) and loved it. Ann even consented to be interviewed and since then we have exchanged some really cool emails.

I started reading Howards End. All I can say is that I love it. The writing is more beautiful than words can describe and I’m sure my review will contain more quotes than anything. The book describes the real world in a way that makes you appreciate the little things more and I love be reminded of the little things. Some days, a cup of coffee or even finding the time to read are gifts and we tend to forget about it. Howards End is reminding me how important it is to live with hope . I also plan to watch the movie when I’m done.

I received a review copy of Kate Morton’s next book The Secret Keeper. The publishers told me there were few review copies available but lucky me, I got one! The novel will be published on 6/10 and I’ll probably review it during October.

Finally! The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling was published on 09/27. I pre-ordered it back in June and I’m so, so glad I did. The Book Depository had a special price back then and I saved some money. I plan on reviewing it soon, but without haste. I know the blogging world will be divided: those who want to review it as soon as possible and those who will not do it until the buzz dies off. I won’t be taking sides, for me reading a book as a special moment and I’ll read The Casual Vacancy when it feels right.

I am still reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell along with Leah. I must admit I’m finding it really hard to go through some of the sections and I know understand why some bloggers described books as “more complex/weird than Cloud Atlas.” It is challenging, but I’m trying to read it thinking in the end, it’ll all make sense.

For October I plan to increase the hours I spend reading/writing and finally get accustomed to my new schedule which for the moment is driving me a little bit crazy. If there is something that I love is being busy, and don’t get me started on being busy at a library! I’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚



  • Rikki

    I read Howard’s End in a German translation many years ago and remember I loved it then, but can’t remember much about it, I am afraid. I might re-read it some day. As for the Rowling book, I read a very unfavourable review on the website of a German newspaper (Spiegel, in case you know it), but it was reviewing the translated edition and many people say the translation might be bad (seems a lot of books get translated in haste these days and they don’t take much care). So I will be looking forward to what you will think of it.
    Your author interview was very good, btw.

    • Elena

      I know Spiegel (they criticize the Spanish government and I looove it) but I don’t read it.

      I do not expect “The Casual Vacancy” to be a landmark in literature like Harry Potter was, let’s be thankful Rowling already did that. I expect a cozy, easy reading. I’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚

      Thanks very much for you comment on the interview. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make a living of interviewing authors?

  • Li @

    Glad to hear you had a good month amidst changes in schedule and the like =) Best of luck with the new academic year =)

    That’s awesome that you got an advanced copy of Morton’s book. I’ve read all of her books and am curious about this new one. I’m not in any rush to read The Casual Vacancy although the premise sounds interesting; then again I’m the type to wait until the commotion dies down a bit to check it out so I’m guessing that’s what’s going to happen in my case.

    I’ve been hesitant to pick up Cloud Atlas because I was wondering how complex the story was (plus I’m not in the mood for anything complex at the moment) but I hope to check it out at least before I see the movie.

    Again, glad to hear you’re enjoying Howards End! =)

    • Elena

      Thanks for the luck, Li!

      Cloud Atlas is a complex book so you’d better be prepared to be perplexed and keep thinking about the same section for hours! But let me know if you decide to read it, being such a sci-fi fan I’m sure you can help me understand it better.

  • amanda

    I can’t believe it’s not halfway through October and I’m just now starting to get caught up on September blog reading! It sounds like you’ve been a bit busy too but have had some good reading on the go. I’m curious about Cloud Atlas, but I’m waiting until I have more free time!

    • Elena

      Cloud Atlas definitely needs time (and patience), so if you’re not seeing the movie on its release day, I think you should wait til the right time to read it comes.

      Glad to have you back! πŸ™‚

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