Midweek Quote

If blogging has done something for me, apart from making me happier and wiser, it’s been poiting out the books that, according to my taste, I needed to read because I would love them. In the vast sea of published books, sometimes it is hard to decide what to read and find the reasons to do so.

Li from Rule the Waves is always taking about Howards End by E.M Forster and how she loves it. Reading her beautiful descriptions of the book, she convinced me I had to read it. So here I am, on a cloudy, grey evening, with Howards End reminding me why I love literature so much, why it is my passion:

“She could not explain in so many words, but she felt that those who prepare for all the emergencies of life beforehand may equip themselves at the expense of joy.”





  • Risa

    That’s a nice one!

    I’m currently reading Far from the Madding Crowd and came across a quote I simply had to get out of my bed in order to get a pencil to mark it…

    God was palpably present in the country, and the devil had gone with the world to town.


      • Risa

        What makes you feel it’s for winter reading? For me, personally, the weather does not make much of difference…I don’t think I’ve ever quite picked a book to suit the weather…maybe because I wouldn’t have much of a choice then! I do hope you get to read it this winter…I’m really enjoying it though I’m taking it slow. 🙂

      • Elena

        I tend to read more Victorian things during the winter, I’m such a weather-affected person! I love winter, a good blanket and reading while it rains outside.

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