Happy Week!


I am one of those people for whom the week starts on Sundays, so, happy week everyone! I have been sick with migraines for the last four days so no blogging except a few comments on some really good posts. But now I’m back and I can’t wait to return to reading and writing.

There are no great news over here, I’m still reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and I’m really into it. When I started it two years ago I thought it was boring and predictable. This year I asked for a review copy to the publishers (I intended to ask for The Distant Hours but got the names mixed) and I decided to give it a second chance. I’m so glad I did! The writing is beautiful and the story is very complete with the points of view of the three women on the plot: one in 1907, another one in 1975 and the last one in 2005. I am particularly in love with the 1907 plot as you can imagine.

Yesterday I finally got How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. I have heard of this book in a few feminist sites and how, despite being light reading, it portrays the hardships and the freedom of being a woman in the 20th century. I expect to read about Moran’s life and her response to different problems, being it an interesting point of view but nonetheless, a point of view.

Also yesterday while trying to decide which netbook to buy (or not), I discovered the DVD of A Room with a View and, finally, I downloaded the book along with Howards End to read on my Sony e-reader. I’ve been longing to read any of these novels and watch the British adaptations since both received Academy Awards. Let’s see how it goes. Have you read them?

On a completely different note, the weather has finally cooled over here for which I’ll be forever thankful! Temperatures rose to 86ºF (30ºC) and with the humidity it just became impossible to read, go for a walk or do anything. I expect to return to some everyday-activity like running or walking as we approach the fall.

Finally, I already started buying things for the new academic year! It’s still a month till lessons start, but I just love pens, planners, pencil cases… everything! Have you bought something for you or your children/friends/partners?

Happy week everyone!



  • amanda

    I can’t abide hot, humid weather, and we’ve had more than usual this summer. Ugh. Haven’t read either A Room With a View or Howard’s End, although they are both on my list. I need to get to them, they sound like books I would like. Enjoy!

  • Li @

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying The Forgotten Garden! It’s nice to go back and re-read something you were meh about the first time and rediscover it in a way (am hoping that will be the case when I re-visit some novels at some point lol).

    Hope you enjoy A Room with a View and Howards End! Out of curiosity, was the DVD you got the 1980s version with Helena Bonham Carter? I admit I haven’t finished watching that movie (yet) but it is very pretty.

    School-supply shopping is fun! I miss that tbh lol =)

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