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On getting an e-reader

When my aunt confessed over Christmas that she had planned on buying me a Kindle I was offended. Me? Loving edition and the publishing world so much, reading on an e-reader? Nope, thanks. I love books, I really do: I like to feel them, look at the pages, the font, the editing in general and, at the end of the day, I truly adore my tiny library. I thought that reading on e-readers was not comfortable: people are always complaining about the weight of physical books but I find paperback editions to be really helpful regarding this matter.

But as soon as I graduated, a little voice started to ask me for an e-reader. Why? I don’t know. I did not understand and, even now, I’m still surprised. I considered both the Nook and the Kindle readers. My main reason to pick them was mainly the price and that they were connected to two great bookstores, so I took for granted this was one good reason. But, as I started thinking again, I felt constrained. Why should I depend on one single bookstore? Also, the Nook does read the epub format, but the Kindle did not. So, my only option was the Sony e-reader. The problem? The price: 189 €. That was way too much. I was not willing to spend that much on a thingy that I was not sure I would like. What if it ends up forgotten in my room? And then, like a sign from the bookish universe, a local superstore offered the Sony e-reader at 139€. I could not believe my eyes and decided to go as soon as possible to check them out (there are three colors: red, which actually looks pink, white and black).Once I was on the store… it was love at first sight! Sony is well-known for a great design and even greater technology plus, the red/pink one was perfect for me. It is so shiny and has that incredible screen! Now you all guessed it right: I bought it.

The Sony e-reader has now been home since Friday and I have already tried it with both natural and artificial light, with pdf and epub formats and I’m in love. I partly resent not having trusted e-readers, but I must admit I was biased: the Sony e-reader was never an option, it was mostly thanks to the offer that I bought it.

For now, I’m re-reading The Great Gatsby: I watched the trailer for the new Bazh Luhrmann movie and I knew I needed to revisit it as soon as possible. I’ll keep you posted on this 😉

Special thanks to Rikki for recommending me the Sony e-reader and my wonderful boyfriend for teasing me for over a year with buying one.



  • Li @

    Your e-reader looks spiffy! Sounds like you’re having loads of fun with it 😉

    I know what you mean, i was also initially hesitant to pick one up because I love the feel of a book (the smell lol) and reading from a physical copy in my hands. But in my case, I’m also tight in space so having an e-reader is very handy, lol

  • amanda

    Oooh, pretty! I’ve not really wanted an e-reader personally, although I can see certain advantages. At the moment, though, I’m mostly anti any electronic item that can’t be easily repaired: after almost killing my laptop this spring, I’m terrified that I might kill anything else I own. I think it’s a great idea not to limit yourself to one bookstore: more choices! Do enjoy!

    • Elena

      Thanks, Amanda I really enjoy it.

      At first I was also anti-ereaders, but I don’t know, maybe love at first sight? I am really happy with it and I hope I keep using it for a long, long time. Regarding technology, I really like it all 😀

  • Rikki

    I am so glad you decided to get a Sony. And such a pretty one, too. Mine is a silver, plain one (and old) but I bought (and made) a few nice fabric covers to enhance the visual experience.
    And I am doubly glad you like it. I would have felt so bad if you had said, ah, I should have gotten a Kindle!

    • Elena

      Thanks, Rikki! I am in love with it, really and I must admit I was not really into buying a Kindle (I picked up a Nook but they don’t send them to Spain).

      I am about to buy a cover on Etsy, I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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