Hello, new books!

I have a huge pile of TBR books in my bedroom and, somehow, it makes me feel guilty. But, every day I discover new books that I feel the need to read. It is not that I feel like reading them or that I think they’ll be a fun reading, I just know I need to read them, learn from them and above all, enjoy them. Now I’m completely into The Girl with the Dragon Tatto. I never thought I would be interested on the story (plus, Lisbeth’s rape is wide-known and I did not think I could stand it). But now that horrible scene is over and I only half regret going through it. On the whole, the book is just great, engaging, well-written (and translated, do not think I can read Swedish!) and has some harsh criticism about violence in modern societies, especially towards women.

But, meanwhile, I could not resist it and I bought three new books:

Gone with the Wind

I finally did it! I have a special interesting in Southern literature and I thought the best way to start was Margaret Michell’s Gone with the Wind. I think this is one of those books you either adore or hate. Same happens with the movie. Some pople have told me that they fell asleep and some others loved it. I personally prefer reading the book before watching the movie. Anyway, I am more than ready to meet Scarlett O’Hara and her beautiful Southern plantation.

The History Man

Malcolm Bradbury published this novel in 1975 and it is said to have inaugurated the postmodernist period in literature. I have not read anything by Bradbury and, liking postmodernist literature as I do, I thought it was a pitty. So, after my professor described The History Man as the story of a self-made man who manipulates space, time and his collegues during a party in his flat to get what he wants, I fell in love with the book! I know that sometimes literature from this period and by such academic and complex authors can be boring/slow/difficult to understand, so whenever I’ll be reading this book,ย  I’ll need lots of patience and to be fully convinced of reading it.

When we were Orphans

This is a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, English author and “disciple” to Malcolm Bradbury. If you haven’t read it, maybe you’ve seen the movies based on his books, especially Never Let me Go, recently turned into a movie with Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield. In When we were Orphans, we have a detective story (you know I have a soft spot for them) set in the 1930’s. I do not know anything more, I already think this will be a great novel.

This is just the start of my summer ofย  great reading and I’m super-excited. Also, I’ll be joining the Victorian Celebration so, I’ll start my 19th century reading on June. I can’t wait to read Emma and I have already ordered the bluray movie with Gwyneth Paltrow.



    • Elena

      See? Lots of you do, which is obviously a good sign. I hope it arrives soon and I can start as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting, Sam ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Belle

    I think you will love GWTW, the book, even more than the movie. The others look quite intriguing as well. Enjoy your summer – I’m jealous. As for me, I’m going to start one of those color paper ring chains in red and green a little early. When Christmas arrives, I will be, for all essential purposes, done with school.

  • Helen

    Gone with the Wind is one of my favourite books. I hope you enjoy it! I love the movie too, but I agree with Sam that the book is better.

    • Elena

      Thanks! I am intrigued by The History Man, both for the content as for the edition: it is a second-hand edition from the 1970’s that cost me 3 โ‚ฌย (aprox. $). Let’s see if it fits the “very good condition” description!

  • Li @

    Congrats on finishing your exams! =) I think I used to buy a ton of books after my exams were over because it was like “Yay, summer! More time for reading!” xD Great list, I’ve been meaning to read Gone with the Wind for ages now and that book by Ishiguro sounds interesting. Hope you enjoy them =)

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