7 of my Dirty Little Reading Secrets!

I found this amazing link today on some dirty reading secrets and felt the need to share it and do my own. Sometimes we focus on reading so properly, making the most of everything we read and enriching ourselves… well, sometimes it is not like that and apparently, it may take us a little bit to admit certain things. But we all do them and it’s OK. So here it goes, 7 of my Dirty Little Reading Secrets!

1. Sometimes I prefer watching TV to reading. I admit it. After studying literature 8 hours a day I just need to watch a good crime-show, in bed with my blanket and not pick up any book.

2. When I get fed up with classic, college readings, I do not want to get home and read more classics, only some entertaining best seller or contemporary fiction. Some think this is terrible. I don’t. Reading has always been my passion and books are everywhere in my life, not only as part of my many projets (have I mentioned I love research?) or as part of my degree. I think reading is always enriching, even if the book is terrible, it’s up to us to learn from it 🙂

3. I pick up much of my reading after recommendations from actresses I like. I looooove movies and admire certain actresses out there as much as I admire some writers. However, I am careful enough not to pick up anything: self-help? Nope. Eat, Pray, Love kind of stuff? Nope, thanks. But when I saw Rachel Weisz and Cate Blanchett winning awards for their performance as Blanche Dubois, I knew I had to read A Streetcar Named Desire. And when Gemma Arterton was attached to play Nicola Six, I bought London Fields straight away!

4. I do not like poetry, not really.

5. I find it hard to read and fully get the message from works previous to the 18th century. However, I’m lucky enough to have some great professors always available through email!

6. I buy more books than I can read, so there is always a TBR pile on my bedroom… and it makes me feel guilty.

7. I keep track of my yearly reading since 2009 and this study shows – surprise, surprise – I read only about 4 books from January to May. I blame college… and hay fever.



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