Butterflies on my stomach as I remember the scene!

A Quick Update

So, my senior finals are already here! This means two things: one, that I’ll be drinking unbelievable amounts of coffee and two, that my reading time will be cut out of my schedule. I don’t know if the same happens to other students-bloggers, but after studying 8 hours a day the last thing I want is to read, mainly because my vision does not help me (right now, all this post looks veeeery blurred).

These are some random things 🙂

Now I’m reading Elegy for April, by Benjamin Black. The first thing that attracted me to the book is its setting, 1950’s Dublin, but I’ve encountered a far more complex setting than I expected. I love Ireland as much as you can love another country that is not your motherland and I always say that moving to Dublin would be my ultimate dream. When I was there in 2009 I fell in love with the city, her people and the wonderful accent that is now so familiar to me. In Elegy for April, Dublin is not my dream-city, but it is still a great city, the darker the better. Apparently this is an installment on the Dr. Quirke series, created by the author (whose real name is John Banville) and acclaimed by some seriously good writers such as Martin Amis. And I do see why! The setting really captures you and so do the main characters, a group of friends who do not really fit into the typical 1950-Dubliner. The part of me who does not feel like getting into bed to watch CSI: NY is dying to pick up the book again, but I’m afraid my poor sight does not help right now.

Have I told you I love Gwyneth Paltrow? I’m sure I did here. But, anyways, let me say it again: she is adorable! Apart from Emma, which I started watching but fell asleep, not because it was boring but because it was 2 in the morning and I refused to go to sleep; I’ve watched Shakespeare in Love again. I didn’t remember how much I like it and how much it influenced me on a crucial moment: when I did not know what to study in college. Just a few days before the application deadline I hadn’t decided and was so on the verge of going mad that I almost enrolled on Economics! But when I watched the movie it was clear: apparently, I loved Shakespeare. Obviously I was aware of the historical mistakes, but the whole feeling of the movie caught me: literature (and drama) were something very special to me and I thought devoting my whole life to it was not a bad choice. So, I enrolled, got accepted and I’ve been at my happiest since then! I can only say good things about this movie that, by the way, also reminds me another favourite of mine: Romeo + Juliet (infinite sighs at Leonardo and Claire). Had I told you I’m in the mood for romantic movies?

Lovely Gwyneth won the Academy Award for her role as Viola. She clearly deserved it.
Lovely Gwyneth won the Academy Award for her role as Viola. She clearly deserved it.
Butterflies on my stomach as I remember the scene!
Butterflies on my stomach as I remember the scene!

And that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll keep coming back during the following weeks, since I expect to read something and watch some movies to chill out. Meanwhile any tips from my lovely readers are welcomed!



  • Rikki

    I haven’t see Shakepeare in love, so I have no idea what you are talking about, but I still think she was great in Emma. Hopefully your finals will be over soon and all goes well.

  • belle

    I’m so right there with you. The month of May holds a 5-7 page expository paper, an 8-10 page research paper and then a 12-15 page research paper amongst all the rest of my life. I have finally just decided that the last hour of the night will be devoted to my own books or I will go simply mad! This is the biggest challenge of my life. I’m sure of that. Hang in there! I’ll be thinking of you.

    • Elena

      Thanks, Belle! Same to you and thank you so much for the “hour-for-reading” tip. Did it today and I’m feeling better. Best of luck with your finals.

  • amanda

    I barely had any time to read when I was in school (true confessions–sometimes I didn’t even get all the school assignments completely read!), so I understand where you’re at. Best of wishes for your studies.

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