Spanish Book Day

Today is the Book Day in Spain: we commemorate the death of Miguel de Cervantes, widely known for his Don Quixote, but also the death of William Shakespeare (I’ll never forget his star-crossed lovers). And we also buy books! Today, the city was full of posts where bookshops offered a -10% discount and I’m sure it would have been a total success if it had stopped raining for a few minutes.

I did not stop to buy anything, I had purchased a book on Saturday, a sequel to Three Bags Full, a detective novel where a flock of sheep investigate the death of their shepherd. No, I’m not joking. Yes, it is an extraordinary and lovely book (and I want to buy a sheep since I read it). This time the sheep go to France where they have another flock as neighbors… but it’s a flock of goats and even sheep know those animals are nuts, right?

But, coming back books and leaving my wonderful Irish sheep besides (cuteness overloaded, seriously, read the book!) I wanted to congratulate all my fellow bloggers, readers and friends who take time to share their wonderful thoughts with the rest of the world. As an almost-native user of technology, I sometimes forget how incredible the Internet is. Two decades ago, a bookish person like us could have joined a book club or taken literature lessons, but could have never have their word heard. Ours is, thankfully, heard and answered.

I have found an amazing community of bloggers who are even more passionate than I am about reading and who are a truly inspiration to me when I’m overworked and don’t feel like reading. My concept of reading has changed too. I have my favourite blogs on my Google Reader and I check it religiously every day, although I do not always have the time or the words to comment. As a result, my views on literature have grown globally and I get to see that, despite that, sometimes we are reading the same book. How wonderful is that? In recent days, most of you joined a readathon and spent time reading in a virtual community comparable to a best library in the world.

So, on the Spanish Book Day, a big thank you to all those writers out there who are my daily inspiration and relief from college duties 🙂




  • amanda

    A national Book Day, how lovely! I’d forgotten that it was the anniversary of Cervantes’s death today, as well as Shakespeare’s.

    It is amazing sometimes, isn’t it, to think how the Internet has really made connections possible and how much it has changed the world.

  • Rikki

    How fitting! And it is the same day as world book night, too! We have no national book day overe here, but really we have no national anything days, which sometimes is a good thing. You can have too many of those days and then they lose their meaning. But a Book Day is never wrong.
    I agree with what you say about bookish friends. I remember a time without the internet and in those days we were all limited to our immediate surroundings and we all would never have known each other. Hard to imagine now.

    • Elena

      I know! Just lately I’ve started blogging at least a few times a week and I find myself thinking about “Rikki” and “Amanda” and “Belle” although I’ve never had a coffee with any of you. Weird… and lovely.

      National days may lose their meaning, but this one is really celebrated in almost every school and some cities organize exchange of books. I’m attending one tomorrow 🙂

  • Li @

    That’s awesome that you guys have a National Book Day over there (I don’t think we have one over here…as far as I know)! I wish I was in Spain right now to take part in the discounts xD (that and I just want to go back, really)

    I did read about that yesterday (it being the day of Cervantes and Shakespeare’s deaths), which reminds me that I should re-read Don Quixote at some point. I had to read it for my first year undergrad English course, which I initially enjoyed but then started getting frustrated because the book was so long and I had to remember stuff from it for the exam *blushes* *is clearly not an English student*

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