A great quote to start the week!

I read The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen last week and I’ll be reviewing it in the following days. However, I’d like to share this wonderful quote with you all. It was incredibly inspiring and eye-opening for me.


SOLNESS: I believe there is only one possible dwelling-place for human
happiness–and that is what I am going to build now.

HILDE: Mr. Solness–you mean our castles in the air.

SOLNESS: The castles in the air–yes.

We don’t need the read the play to understand it. I think we may, sometimes, forget about reality and build too many castles in the air. But they are needed! They contain our happiness but, let’s not forget that they can also lead us away from real, actually-happening events. So, let’s keep in mind reality while we build some of those wonderful and empowering castles in the air.

Have a happy week, everyone!


10 thoughts on “A great quote to start the week!

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing it. Of course, you are right with what you are saying – still a wonderful thought.

    1. Thanks, Rikki!!! By the way, you are German, right? I’m reading a German book (Jesus loves me) that apparently was a hit in Germany but I find it really bad…

      1. Xes, that’s right. Never heard of that book, but I am not much informed about the German lit scene I am afraid. What is the German title?

    1. You’re welcome! I’m so happy everyone thinks the same about the quote! At first I was not really happy with the play, but it turned out to be illuminating 🙂

  2. Well I just love that! My castles do get quite big sometimes and then I remember that my sons are only going to be 13 and 14 this one time. Blam! Back to earth.

  3. Oh, right, I have heard of the writer, he wrote another very successful book “Mieses Karma”, which I equally haven’t read. I think he is one of those guys whose writing you either love or hate.

    1. Actually, that was the one I thought I was asking for last Christmas, but go the names switched. Now I don’t feel like giving him a try, I prefer Christopher Moore.

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