Love will find a way: stuck on an island

I saw this wonderful post on Ellie’s blog, Curiosity Killed The Bookworm (be sure to check it if you like crime and science-fiction novels) and it just felt the perfect post for my first Spring break day! It is hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea so, all credit goes to them.

In the Love Will Find a Way Challenge we’re sharing our all-time favourite books. If you were stuck on an island, or in a cave, which books would you bring? We’re not limiting you to bring a certain amount of books, so give us your best!

I would definitely need some Margaret Atwood. She never pops up when I hear “favourite author” but she really is. I admire her writing in a kind of platonic way: I do want to be a writer, but it seems impossible to be a hundreth part the incredible author she is. Her Alias Grace made me think about flawed characters, manipulation and psychological processes in literature (a passion started by A Streetcar Named Desire).

As the detective fiction fan that I am, either I read about crimes or I would end-up creating a fantasy were I was the only detective on the island and there was a corpse waiting for me. Seriously, this could happen. So, Kate Atkinson’s When Will There Be Good News is the best option, having one of the most optimistic and inspiring characters I’ve ever read: Joanna Mason.

Finally, something 19th-century, a novel too. Wuthering Heights would help me to deal with hot weather (because when we are stuck on an island, it is always hot, right?) since I am a lover of cold weather.



    • Elena

      If you want to read her detective novels, start by the first Jackson Brodie novel (Case Histories). I made the mistake of starting by the third and kind of auto-spoiled me too many things!!

  • amanda

    Of your three, I’ve only read Wuthering Heights, although Atwood falls under “meaning to get around to.” They all sound like good choices, though.

    • Elena

      Atwood is great, I don’t think I can explain how much she means to me in literature, but also as a personal inspiration. I highly recommend Alias Grace to anyone, anywhere, wishing to read anything!!

  • Rikki

    I don’t think I have ever read anythign by Atwood OR Atkinson. I will have to rectify that.
    Wuthering Heights wouldn’t be my choice of books. I found it dreadfully boring, If anything by the Bronte sisters, it would be Jane Eyre.

    • Elena

      I loved the first half and didn’t really care for the second. I really prefer Jane Eyre too, but, if the island were tropical I would need some English storms and cold weather to get by! Even if they are fiction.

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