Guilty reader, senior student

I’m still alive, world! I’ve just had the most intense March month ever and I’m exhausted. Senior year posts a lots of doubts and problems… and tasks. So, basically I’ve been sitting tests, attending two congresses and trying to remember that lunch time actually exists!

I’m still reading One Good Turn, very slowly, focusing on every detail possible since I’m to write an essay on it in a few weeks. I’m also trying to read Bleak House, but the lack of time makes it impossible, and let’s be honest, I prefer Kate Atkinson to any other author. I haven’t read any Margaret Atwood short story either.

But the good news is… I got to teach a literature class!! My 19th century literature project was dedicated to Cranford and Elizabeth Gaskell and the professor kindly allowed me to use one of our three weekly hours to talk about the project. It all went well and I’m really happy I was given that amazing opportunity.

Anyways, the following is a list of tasks that will affect the blog during the next month and that I’ll try to accomplish:

  1. Cranford – Review (+ overview on Mrs. Gaskell)
  2. One Good Turn – Review
  3. Bleak House – (hopefully) Progress
  4. Summer readings/projects


Meanwhile I’ll always be around, checking your blogs because they actually help me face my last 4 weeks before I graduate.


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