Women’s Day and Month

8th March is Women’s Day and, for bloggers out there, March is a month devoted to female writers (or characters). I personally love these themed readings and honoring my favourite female writer, Margaret Atwood, would be a dream. However, things are not that easy right now since I’m way behind in my school readings. So, my first thought was: no Margaret Atwood for me this month. Shame on me. I had forgotten Margaret Atwood is also a fantastic short story author!

My way out of my busy reading life? I decided to borrow Dead Bones, a short story collection by Margaret Atwood from my library. Wikipedia describes the book as Atwood giving voice to the forgotten characters in folktales and myths, so I’m 100% ready for the challenge of seeing the other side of the story. I aways find it interesting (and challening) to see the perspective of the other.

However, I do not plan on reading every single story. I’ll be happy if I can read two and manage school and school readings at the first time! Also, I’m attending a congress on domestic violence, so I’m sure I’ll come up with many other titles and authors.

What are you reading in honor of women’s day?



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