Second Semester!

The second semester is already here and I have lots of fun and interesting readings which makes me really happy.

Right now I am reading Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell and I am loving it. It is funny, ironic and… great. Could it be differently when talking about a town inhabitated only by women? Add the 19th century female writer and it makes the perfect reading for me. I am reading it on my iPad until my Penguin Clothbound copy arrives. Those are the best editions ever: high-quality paper, cloth cover and a cute cloth bookmark.

I am also reading The Plantation Mistress. One of my wonderful professors kindly let me borrow it months ago and I still haven’t read that much (first 50 pages) but all I can say it is wonderful. I read a lot last night and today I couldn’t wait to get home to read more. The book, by Catherine Clinton, deals with women in Southern plantations before the American Civil War and theirs was not an easy job: wives, mothers, housewives, slave owners and providers, cooks… plantation mistresses. The studies are exemplified by letters from actual Southern ladies which makes it easier to sympathize with the ladies.

This has been my week: back to school and planning more and more readings. Despite the little sleep and long hours at school I am really happy to be back!!



  • Iris

    I want to read Cranford, I love Gaskell, so I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to Cranford yet (or well, I do know that last time my ereader crashed in the middle of the book and so I had to wait for a paper version).

    The Plantation Mistress sounds super interesting!

    • Elena

      I downloaded it for my iPad but I ordered the Penguin Clothbound Classics edition because I’m madly in love with them!

      The Plantation Mistress is super interesting but yet, I get asked why I read that and how do I manage to stay awake… super weird.

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