Changes, changes, changes…

It’s time for a change! I am not a big fan of changes though, but recently they are just happening and my politics is either you accept them or they kick your ass. So, here I come, second and last semester of my junior year! This will be challenging (school from 9 to 4) but I am willing to enjoy it as much as I can.

I decided to change the layout of the blog too. The previous one was… boring? not professional? not clean enough? With this new one, with my trade-mark pink, you can see four posts as you enter the website.

Along with my trade-mark pink, I chose some images for the header (have three at the moment) related to authors or landscapes that I like. The one I liked the most was the picture of a young girl in a porch by author Eudora Welty. Isn’t it a beautiful picture?

I hope you like this makeover and find it easier to navigate through my random posts to come 🙂



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