Happy birthday to me!

Today it’s my birthday and, obviously, I got a few books from my wonderful man!

Heat Wave

I am a huge fan of Castle… in fact, I love it so much that I wanted to read the book that Castle apparently writes during the series. Now I have it and I think it’ll be my reading as soon as I am done with the exams. I’m sure it makes light reading but I really want to focus on Nikki Heat.I know this is a best-seller kind of reading, but I love it, it is my guilty pleasure. Oh, have I said I love Castle?



Bird by Bird

The wonderful Eleanor Brown recommended me this book when I asked her for tips to start writing. I liked her book, The Weird Sisters so much that I also wanted to write something that good, so I approached her on Twitter and she kindly recommended this book to me. So, thank you Eleanor!



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