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Lagrimas en la Lluvia (Tears in the Rain)

In Spain, the tradition is that tonight, The Three Wise Men visit us and leave presents for us, to open on the morning of 6th January This is the tradition rather than Santa Claus, although some people like me, celebrate both.

However, I already have Lágrimas en la Lluvia (Tears in the Rain) by feminist Spanish writer Rosa Montero. I can’t wait to read it although I am not a fan of Spanish literature, but I felt incredibly attracted to this book. All I know is that it is a sci-fi novel, set in  post-apocalyptic Madrid. But, to be sincere, what really attracted me to the book is that Rosa admitted on an interview that she started writing the book after her long-time partner and love of her life passed away in 2009. As someone who loves reading and writing, and often uses both to make life better, I felt a connection to her mourning. I felt sorry for her and wanted to read her journey through her sorrow.

I’m afraid it hasn’t been translated into English yet, but if you can read in Spanish, it is written in Castillian; you can find it at the Book Depository.

This book is part of new mood of reading things I wasn’t attraced to… until now. I just felt the urge of reading science-fiction and some Spanish literature as I got the urge to read some selected classics as well. I kind of fell a connection to the book too and I think Rosa Montero deserves a try after her amazing carreer.

Also, I think this clearly shows that this is not a blog about classics or a project on reading, neither am I a classics blogger. Reading is an everyday pleasure and passion for me, I want to devote my life to books, literature and writing and here, I reflect about what I read. I don’t have a plan, or a theme or a challenge, I have books and lots of love for them. I don’t mind if they are feminist, sci-fi, comics or academic articles, by a colleague or by a Nobel Prize author. I feel naturally drawn to certain texts and stories and I love that feeling. As Rosa Montero says in her book El Amor de mi Vida (The love of my life):

«Nunca me siento sola si tengo un libro. No es una frase hecha: para mí los libros son verdaderos talismanes. Tengo la sensación de que, si tengo algo a mano para leer, puedo ser capaz de aguantar casi todo. Son un antídoto para el dolor, un calmante para la desesperación, un excitante contra el aburrimiento.»

<<I never feel alone if I have a book. It is not an expression for me, books are like jewels. I feel that, if I have something to read, I can bear almost anything. They are an antidote for pain, a pain-killer for desperation, an excitement for boredom.>>



    • Elena

      I do too! It sounds like a great book and although it may not be translated soon, I will write a review. I know it sounds cruel, but I’m really looking forward to reading this one and discussing some its ideas (even by those who haven’t read it). Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth!

  • amanda

    What a lovely quote! I know there are times I’ve felt that way.

    While I’m currently following a very loose plan with my reading (I’m trying to focus on the Ancient Greeks & Shakespeare this year), I also try to go where whim leads me. There are too many great books out there (and even not-so-great books which are just too fun anyway) to draw lines and say “I read this, I don’t read that.” BUT I do have a weakness for goals and challenge setting! 😀

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