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Best Books of 2011

2011 has been a great reading year for me. I tend to take into account the quality of what I read and not the number of books I read. Sometimes, a single book can change your life in ways that fifty other books did not. So, I am happy to say that I read books that reminded me of how much I love sitting on my bed, with a blankett and a good book. Or how it can help me to read a few chapters of a book I love to keep on working on those awfully boring papers for school.

Here you have, Books and Reviews’ best books of 2011!

Lamb (Christopher Moore) 4,5/5 A humoristic re-writing of Jesus Christ’ life narrated by his childhood bestfriend who accompanied him until her death. Sweet and funny, incredibly full of values to live your life by. Review here.

Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood) 4,5/5 – What can I say about Margaret Atwood? I simply adore everything she writes. This book was a journey into a 19th century woman’s mind and how she managed being accused of murder. Review here.

Rebecca (Daphne DuMaurier) 4/5 – A Classic. It was dark, thrilling, and very psychological, in every sense of the word you can imagine. You can read my review here.

The Weird Sisters (Eleanor Brown) 4,5/5 – A book I bought for light reading and loved so much as to want to re-read it. The Andrea sisters just reminded me how much I love books: from the font, to the quiality of the paper or the design of the cover. A must read. Also, the author was kind enough to let me interview here. You can read my review here and the interview here.

When Will there be Good News? (Kate Atkinson) 4/5 – Everyone kept insisting on how wonderful Kate Atkinson is and I did not belive them. She is as wonderful as an English female author of detective fiction can get, which is awesome. Review here.

The Dinosaur Feather (Sisel Jo Gazan) 4,5/5 – A crime novel set on a college and with the incredible combination of dinosaurs, academics and a thesis. Simply perfect! Review here.

Two of my passions: reading and bunnies.

I am incredibly proud of myself for having reviewed all these books that I loved so much. I wanted to share them with all of you and, hopefully, having helped you to discover new titles. But, the best part, is that we got to share opinions.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and 2012 is full of happiness, health, love, projects and books for all of you. Thanks for visiting Books and Reviews and a especial thanks to those who took time to comment, enriching the blog and fulfilling its mission: spread the literary love.



  • Iris

    Rebecca is on my list too! And I enjoyed The Weird Sisters a lot as well!

    Also, I just became super enthousiastic, because you love bunnies!!! I love bunnies! Sorry, bunnies make me use extra exclamation marks and I get all warm and fuzzy and excited. Okay, that’s enough embarrassing detail from me 😉

    Happy 2012!

  • Ellie Warren (@patchworkbunny)

    It’s great to see so many people discovering Rebecca this year, it’s one of my all time faves. I have Lamb and The Weird Sisters on my wishlist and Alias Grace and When Will There Be Good News on my TBR… I will have to look into The Dinosaur Feather (though if you like the history of dinosaurs, Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier is excellent).

    Happy new year!

    • Elena

      Thanks for vising, Helen! The Dinosaur Feather is a great crime novel but dinosaurs have a secondary role. I just read a review by a blogger I trust in which she gave Remarkable Creatures a very low rating… so I’ll take a look next time I visit my local bookshop.

      Happy new year to you too, and keep that stormtrooper that cute with the book!

  • Elena

    Have you noticed that out of 6, 5 are written by women? How fantastic! I was just not aware of that when reading those books, writing their reviews or even selecting them for the list 🙂

  • Rikki

    Ah, with Rebecca you seem to go with the flow, :). It seems to me that a lot of people discovered or re-read du Maurier this year. I read her a long time ago (didn’t I say the same about Mansfield Park?) and remember I quite liked Rebecca, but not that much. I will have a look at “Lamb” and “The Weird Sisters”. They sound great!

    • Elena

      Oh I just bought it after a blogger friend of mine told me how much she liked it! And I actually did, there was something in the style that really caught me.

      “Lamb” is incredibly sweet and beautiful and everything you can imagine. I didn’t expect that much, but it is a really touching book.

      “The Weird Sisters” makes you love books even more… it’s just incredible how Eleanor Brown manages to make you appreciate the physical book in you harnds that much.

    • Elena

      I think that it is a book written for people who really appreciate books as physical entities. I personally love the smell of a new book. Let me know if you read it and don’t forget to read the interview, Eleanor was so amazing with me 🙂

  • Risa

    Oh! I’m hoping to try Atkinson this year. I did some googling on her about a week or two ago and was absolutely curious after learning that she was responsible for a certain trend in crime fiction, made famous by the likes of Agatha Christie. I’ve downloaded a couple of ebooks…let’s see how I like it. 😀 I’m also hoping to buy Rebecca this year and read it! 😀

    • Elena

      I think Atkinson is like a 21st century Agatha Christie, but even greater. Let me know which one you pick, because her “Case Stories” are very famous too!

      • Risa

        Erm…I feel like an absolute doofus! I was so confused when you called her a 21st century writer, and then I realised I had confused her with Mary Roberts Rinehart — don’t ask me how! Rinehart is the one I’m planning to try this year — a predecessor of Agatha Christie. I’ll have to see if I’ll give Atkinson a try.

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