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New Christopher Moore book on the way!

Christopher Moore is a personal favourite author of mine. I first read The Stupidest Angel when I was 17: it was Christmas and I had some heart-broken teenager problems. I remember reading the book and laughing out loud. It helped to make it through. Then I literally asked my parents for anything by Moore they could find and now I have a lovely collection of his books. Last year, I got to read Lamb which redifined the figure of Jesus Christ for me (you can red my review here). It was a wonderful read, full of love and laughs and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a beautiful story of friendship, love, sex, laughs, magic, travels, medicine and laughs in general.

Today, I found that Christopher Moore is offering an advance on his next novel, Sacre Bleu to be published next April. You can visit the site here, follow him on twitter @theAuthorGuy and like his Facebook page. He is a very funny person and a great writer. So, if you didn’t know him, maybe you’d like to give him a chance!


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