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Gift Ideas – A Classic

Buying classics is no longer in fashion since they can be found online for free. But I still like a good physical book, on my shelf… and with a good cover and they make such a classic and elegant gift! The recommendation of today has it all.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a modern classic (published with a great cover by Penguin Modern Classics) from the roaring 1920’s that tells the story of Gatsby, his friend, the narrator and Daisy Buchanan and her husband. The plot and style are typically modern, full of symbols and the story is universal: Gatsy is still trying to gain his teenage love’s heart, Daisy’s. But she is married to old money and a name and Gatsby is constantly struggling to redifine himself.

I loved this novel once my American literature professor explained the symbols (I’m not good at it!) and since then I see references to it in every TV show, book or movie I watch.

  • For whom – Avid readers/All those not in touch with American literature/
  • Price – $10,11 (Book Depository)
  • More comments – Great and tragic love story, although it may need a second reading to look like it! And… isn’t the cover just perfect?

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