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Gift Ideas – Historical fiction

When that beloved one loves historical fiction… they have to try Umberto Eco. And I say try because his prose is hard to read. The reason is that Eco knows about everything and writes about everything, so, at the end, on has a book full of references and literary theories put into practice.

His last novel, The Prague Cemetery, is a historical novel set in Paris in the 19th century and although interesting, it can take the reader a few good weeks to sail through the culinary, military, historial, geographical and literary references. You can read my review here.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this book to people who usually read bestsellers or who are in search for a light, Christmas reading. Although the story is very entertaining, sometimes it is easy to get lost in the detailed descriptions of food or military tactics. Same say those who read The Name of the Rose back in the 1980’s about the descriptions of art and buildings.

So, The Prague Cemetery  is definitely a good gift to those who love thick narratives and love historical fiction.

  • For whom: Adults who love thick narratives/historical fiction – fans of Umberto Eco.
  • Price:  from $13,30 to $17,93 (Book Depository)
  • More comments – Thick narrative, full of details, can get boring at some points. Beware!


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