College has kept me really busy for the last month, but now things are starting to slow down! It’s Christmas time! Here is a preview of what I’ll be doing on the blog for the next weeks:

  • Review of Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood. She is one of favourite authors and I think she can do no wrong literally speaking. However, I understand that some may not agree with the politics behind her books.
  • Review of When will there be good news? By Kate Atkison. One of the greatest professors ever talked me into Atkinson a year ago and I don’t know what I waited to long. I hope you do not do the same!
  • I would also like to offer people some bookish ideas for Christmas. I know that giving books as presents can be very difficult, but I’ll try to categorize the books (crime/romance etc) so that it’s easier for you to choose.


See you soon!


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