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Bossypants (audiobook) by Tina Fet

Commuting is a bore, or so I thought until I decided to give audiobooks a try. As you may know, I love Tina Fey and to put it simply, I think she rocks and I want to be her when I grow up. So, I got her autobiography Bossypants and I loved it: it brightened up my days and I remembered how much I love Tina (and how much we both love writing although she gets paid for it and I don’t… yet).


Bossypants explores Tina Fey’s life from her self-described spoilt childhood in Pennsylvania to her Sarah Palin impersonation that made her a world-wide hit. The audiobook is both written and read by Tina and she makes voices so that the reading is more enjoyable and funny. Apart from a simple narration of events, she includes what she thought as a child/teenager/youth and what she thinks now, at 41. If you’ve ever read or listened to this kind of commentaries, they are fun, they are real fun and they make you think of how silly your supposedly serious things were. Also, the audiobook can teach the listener a lot of things without preaching: Fey is famous, intelligent, hardworking… and she achieved it thanks a lot of people she acknowledges. She also pays a lot of attention to her upbringing and to her republican parents, her long time love Jeff Richmond and all her SNL colleges, specially her friend Amy Poehler.

What I loved about this audiobook is that I really look up to Tina Fey and hearing her journey from college graduate in the 1990’s to her rise to stardom was simply encouraging and.. I was in awe. It was a weird journey, but overall, a funny one. Also, she toys with stereotypes and laughs at interviewers and magazines who put her on a size 0 dress or Photoshop his left cheek to get rid of her famous scar.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you like Tina Fey. Only if you are a fan or slightly know her work will enjoy it. There are too many references to SNL actors and actresses and to their sketches. But, if you’ve heard of Ms. Fey and want to get to know her more, go ahead and read/listen to Bossypants.

To all those who are already Tina Fey’s fans, be careful. You’ll love her even more. Be sure you can bear it!


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