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The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

College has kept me REALLY  busy these past two weeks. However, it is time to come back to the book blogging after this great summer.

My wonderful, amazing and loving boyfriend bought me Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood after I set my eyes on it 6 months ago. This is the summary from Book Depository:


The sun brightens in the east, reddening the blue-grey haze that marks the distant ocean. The vultures roosting on the hydro poles fan out their wings to dry them. the air smells faintly of burning. The waterless flood ? a manmade plague ? has ended the world. But two young women have survived: Ren, a young dancer trapped where she worked, in an upmarket sex club (the cleanest dirty girls in town); and Toby, who watches and waits from her rooftop garden. Is anyone else out there?

If any of you have read Margaret Atwood, you know her style is great and her plots are… weird. In fact, when I was reading this book I told my boyfriend how I liked it because it was Feminist, post-apolcalyptic, pro-ecologist sci-fi and I bursted out laughing, but it was true and I loved it. As it happens with Atwood there are three plots that are eventually linked and that make reading a little bit complex but every entertaining: when you get tired of one of the characters, the next chapter shiftes to another and you end up reading a lot.

What I liked the most about the book is that the main characters are complex women, with different backgrounds inspired by nowadays’ society and its many flaws. However, they all remain strong, as if Hemingway himself had written them (being men) and committed to each other and their dreams and the little, tiny light at the end of the tunnel. But, because they have to remain strong, so has to the reader: I sometimes had to put the book down, take a deep breath and turn on the TV to watch a comedy.

So, this is not an easy book but it is beautifully written and, as every Atwood’s production, it has many layers: you can simply enjoy the story, but if you like politics, activism, feminism or any kind of pro-movement today.

I highly recommend it to anyone in search for a book that will entertain you and make you think.



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