New Bookish Friend!

Here I am again with a new Bookish Friend! Seriously, I’d throw a real life party with all of you every time I find such great bloggers!

Today I’m adding The Book Whisperer. I’ve been following her on twitter (@ThBookWhisperer) for a long time but today we’ve connected: we both love crime fiction and have been discriminated for that (maybe she happens to be a discriminated blonde too!). Anyway, you can follow her on Twitter, visit her amazing blog and even subscribe, which I highly recommend. She describes herserlf as Book blogger who lives, breathes & dreams books! (and also loves animals, sleeping, travelling, drinking coffee and eating chocolate). Plus, she’s from Yorkshire, and after reading Wuthering Heights we all love the place, right?

Welcome, Book Whisperer!!

P.S I have a wonderful surprise for you as long as I’m done with my 30 Day Book Meme. Be sure to subscribe and follow me on Twitter to recieve everything Books and Reviews.


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