30 Day Book Meme – Day 20

Day 01 – The best book you read last year
Day 02 – A book that you’ve read more than three times
Day 03 – Your favorite series
Day 04 – Favorite book of your favorite series
Day 05 – A book that makes you happy                                                                                          Day 06 – A book that makes you sad                                                                                                 Day 07 – Most underrated book                                                                                                        Day 08 – Most overrated book                                                                                                            Day 09 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving                                                                                                                                                      Day 10 – Favorite classic book                                                                                                            Day 11 – A book you hated                                                                                                                     Day 12 – A book you used to love but don’t anymore                                                                     Day 13 – Your favorite writer                                                                                                                 Day 14 – Favorite book of your favorite writer                                                                                 Day 15 – Favorite male character                                                                                                         Day 16 – Favorite female character                                                                                                    Day 17 – Favorite quote from your favorite book                                                                            Day 18 – A book that disappointed you                                                                                             Day 19 – Favorite book turned into a movie                                                                                  Day 20 – Favorite romance book I’m not a big fan of romance books so I’ll cheat a little bit here. I read The Notebook and kinf of liked it but not as much as to not revisit the genre til I bought The Time Traveler’s Wife and I changed my mind about romance books. The Time Traveler’s Wife is the perfect mix of light sci-fi, romance and a tortured female main character. There were moments when I loved Henry and others when I hated him and same happenned with Claire: she is a powerful, intelligent and really beautiful, she comes from a great family and yet she gives it all away for Henry. She even risks her health when they try to have a baby! That is something I don’t like about romance books: the female character is always a victim/tortured and, to me, they simply repeat classic fairytales over and over. So, basically I avoid the genre as much as I can, yet there are some books out there that tell more original love stories than the classic Cinderella.


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