I’m back!!!

Fourth year is over and I’m 100% back! That means lots of fun, summer readings and lots of reviews. Meanwhile, I found this “5 things about me” at a friend’s blog and I’m borrowing the idea. This is a great way to get to know each other better, right?

1. I love watching T.V too much. But good TV, no realities for me. Gimme some good old E.R or Law and Order!
2. I am always cold… Even in summer I workship blankets.
3. I’ve got a lovely bunny as a pet who eats chocolate when I do. Even mint chocolate!
4. I am a medicine geek because most of my relatives are doctors os nurses. I am the odd one out who loves reading and writing…
5. I like stationery in an obsessive way. I love buying pens and pencil cases.

So, any of you who’d like to share 5 things more? Happy summer readings!



  • Risa

    I used to like watching a lot of crime and action stuff. However, since I got pregnant and had my son I’ve never been able to get back into that mode. I can’t stand the sight and sound of too much violence on tv, now!….however, I do watch things like Castle, Bones, and Lie to Me.:D These days, though I prefer sit-coms…light hearted stuff that simply make me laugh.
    K….here’s 5 things about me:
    1. I hardly ever finish what I start.
    2. I used to draw very well…once upon a time. I’ve forgotten how.
    3. I LOVE animated movies!…Disney et al.
    4. I’ve made some absolutely dreadful attempts at poetry! I’m no poet.
    5. I like playing word games.

    Btw, my sister is crazy about stationery too! She’s a great one for collecting junk as well. But she makes some amazing stuff out of all those pieces of nothing!

    • Elena

      Hey Risa, thanks for visiting!!! I love Bones and Castle too, too much (and I’m sure you finish books!).

      Talking of word games, have you played bananagrams? LOVE IT.

      • Risa

        Ha ha! I’ve already discarded two or three this year! But mainly because they were ebooks and when I’m at my comp I get distracted very easily!:-/

        And nope. I’ve never heard of bananagrams…sounds like something I’d like though!:D

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