I’m back!!!

Fourth year is over and I’m 100% back! That means lots of fun, summer readings and lots of reviews. Meanwhile, I found this “5 things about me” at a friend’s blog and I’m borrowing the idea. This is a great way to get to know each other better, right?

1. I love watching T.V too much. But good TV, no realities for me. Gimme some good old E.R or Law and Order!
2. I am always cold… Even in summer I workship blankets.
3. I’ve got a lovely bunny as a pet who eats chocolate when I do. Even mint chocolate!
4. I am a medicine geek because most of my relatives are doctors os nurses. I am the odd one out who loves reading and writing…
5. I like stationery in an obsessive way. I love buying pens and pencil cases.

So, any of you who’d like to share 5 things more? Happy summer readings!


5 thoughts on “I’m back!!!

  1. I used to like watching a lot of crime and action stuff. However, since I got pregnant and had my son I’ve never been able to get back into that mode. I can’t stand the sight and sound of too much violence on tv, now!….however, I do watch things like Castle, Bones, and Lie to Me.:D These days, though I prefer sit-coms…light hearted stuff that simply make me laugh.
    K….here’s 5 things about me:
    1. I hardly ever finish what I start.
    2. I used to draw very well…once upon a time. I’ve forgotten how.
    3. I LOVE animated movies!…Disney et al.
    4. I’ve made some absolutely dreadful attempts at poetry! I’m no poet.
    5. I like playing word games.

    Btw, my sister is crazy about stationery too! She’s a great one for collecting junk as well. But she makes some amazing stuff out of all those pieces of nothing!

    1. Hey Risa, thanks for visiting!!! I love Bones and Castle too, too much (and I’m sure you finish books!).

      Talking of word games, have you played bananagrams? LOVE IT.

      1. Ha ha! I’ve already discarded two or three this year! But mainly because they were ebooks and when I’m at my comp I get distracted very easily!:-/

        And nope. I’ve never heard of bananagrams…sounds like something I’d like though!:D

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