Book sightings

Summer Book Sightings

Summer means free time and free time means reading at least a book per week. I already have a lot of books in my TBR list, but still, these caught my eye this month:

The Dinosaur Feather (Sissel-Jo Gazan)

Crimes, PhDs and dinosaurs in a 400 page book?? Sounds like the perfect combination for a girl who still cries when Ellie and Allan see their first dinosaur in Jurassic Park!


The Weird Sisters (Eleanor Brown)

I just love Shakespeare (and the professor in charge of all the subjects!). So, what if your father brought you up speaking in Shakespearean verse in a Midwest town? I’m in!


The House on Tradd Street (Karen White)

I saw this at Sadie-Jean’s bookblog years ago and I’m definitely giving it a try this summer. I love ghosts and these appear in one of those typically charming Southern houses.

So, what are you reading this summer?



  • Risa

    Of the three the Weird Sisters looks the most appealing to me. Mainly because I’ve read so many reviews on it! I should go see if my library has this book. I haven’t been there in a year!

    Happy summer reading, Elena!:)

    • Elena

      Thanks, Risa! I still got to sit two finals so these best-sellers are the best way to relax and keep reading.

      Happy summer reading to you and your child too!

      P.S I’ll keep you updated on The Weird Sisters 😉 I really want to like it, so hope it doesn’t disappoint me!!

      • Risa

        Oh, all the best for those!:)

        And technically speaking our summer is over, but thanks! 😀

        I’ll be waiting to read your review….I hope I;ll be able to get it at my library…

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