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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The last two months were a reading mess and I just needed something easy yet catching to relax. After years of insisting (thanks Sadie-Jean), I gave The Hunger Games a try and I must confess I am a Hunger Games fan now.


Katniss is a 16 year old hunter in a post-apocalyptic America where there are 12 Districts completely subjected to the government. Every year, each district arbitrary selects a boy and a girl between 12 and 18 to be taken to the Capital city to fight til death, only one of them can survive. How can you manage to survive? Is there happiness when winning after killing 23 people?

First of all, I was not really attracted to the book since it is catalogued as YA fiction and I’m usually much more into classics or more political works (you all know I love complaining, right?). But I decided to give this book a try, in fact, it is the first one I borrowed from my local library in almost ten years. First I started reading, then I could not put the book down even when it was 2 in the morning and I desperately neeed to have some sleep. The story is so rythmical you never lose interest plus, Katniss is such a great, strong, female role model that you want to know more about her, you want to keep admiring her strength (and you wished you were like her any time in your life.)

Also, the novel is allegorical of nowadays USA (or any other developed country): poverty coexists along with extravagance, luxury with survival… But I also think it is critical of reality shows and how the audience demands something a little bit more personal and cruel every year.

Highly recommended summer reading.



  • Ellen Rhudy

    I was surprised by how much I liked this trilogy when I finally got around to reading it – but like you, I stayed up WAY later than I should have to finish the first in the series. I’ve seen a few other posts mentioning the hunger games lately and even though I only read them about six months ago, I’m so tempted to reread.

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