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Jean M. Auel and The Land of Painted Caves

Blogging, as many other things in life is all about starting, right? I wanted to ask for opinions on the following books which I discovered last week and felt immediately attracted to. Why? Because they are HUGE. I just feel like I need a great novel to keep me going and say: “as soon as I’m done with my finals, this is what I will read.”

The books are historical novels by Jean M. Auel. Just recently she got her last one published, The Land of Painted Caves and bookshops were filled with it… and her previous works.

I must admit I had never heard of them but they look like a nice bunch of to-read books. I don’t know if the author is historically accurate and/or if the books are entertaining or too dense.

Have you read/heard of her and her works? Would you recommend it as light reading? Do you feel atracted to the books?



  • Helen

    I haven’t read The Land of Painted Caves but I read and loved the first book in the series, The Clan of the Cave Bear. I found it entertaining and enjoyable – not too dense at all. I did try to read the second book in the series but couldn’t get interested in that one. As for the historical accuracy, the books do seem to be well researched but I know very little about the prehistoric period so have no idea how accurate they are! I hope you enjoy them if you decide to try them.

    • Elena

      Thanks, Helen! (What a beautiful name we have, haven’t we?)

      I think I may give it a try to the first one then. They actually sound interesting but it might depend on each’s personal interest in history. Because I don’t know how much I love prehistoric times yet (briefly studied it in high school) I think I may borrow it from the library. Then we’ll see.

      See you around!

  • sadiejean

    Hello friend! I have an interest in anthropology to be sure, and have read The Clan of the Cave Bear. It was actually a very good book, and not just if you have an interest in pre-history. It was written in the 80’s, and so the anthropologic accuracy reflects the research at that time, which is now rather outdated. However, if you read it with a grain of salt and to enjoy the story, not to learn about Neanderthals and Early Homo Sapiens, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

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